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Get ready for the Miami Open 2024 – your essential guide to the Hard Rock Stadium event from March 17-31. Plan the perfect tennis getaway with our tips on tickets and accommodations.

The countdown for the Miami Open 2024, the favorite rendezvous of tennis fans and sun-seekers alike, has begun! This revered event at Hard Rock Stadium from March 17 to 31 promises two weeks of high-stakes matches and spirited celebrations. But a successful Miami Open trip isn’t just about securing tickets to see your favorite tennis stars – it’s a savvy mix of planning, leisure, and logistics. Here’s an all-around guide to get every ace in your pocket for the ultimate Miami Open experience.

Planning Your Miami Open Excursion

Preparation is your best backhand when getting ready for the Miami Open. Whether you’re a seasoned regular or a first-timer, getting the lay of the land and understanding what the two weeks have to offer can significantly enhance your experience. Here’s how you can serve an unbeatable trip.

Stay tuned with the schedule

2024 Miami Open will take place March 17 – 31. Dates and tournament schedule subject to change.Stay tuned and click the link below to find out the latest schedule update.

Thrilled about a particular game? Ensure you’ve secured your tickets ahead of time.

Get on the Court with the right ticket option

The Miami Open is known for its dynamic schedule and ticket options, ranging from exhilarating singles matches to the pulsating doubles.

  • Single Sessions Tickets: If you have a must-see match in mind, single-session tickets are your go-to option. Choose the game, reserve your seat, and get ready to be amazed by the courtside action.
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  • Mini-Plans: For the enthusiasts who want a bit of everything, mini-plans offer a cost-effective way to immerse in the tournament, bundling tickets for multiple matches.
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  • Group Packages: The Miami Open is best enjoyed with friends – or meeting new ones! Group packages cater to those looking to experience the competition in a vibrant collective.
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Proximity with Purpose: Picking the Right Hotel

Location is everything when it comes to making the most of the Miami Open. Whether you’re looking for a beachside reprieve or convenient proximity to the stadium, your choice of hotel can define your downtime. The Marco Polo Sunny Isles emerges as a strong contender, blending comfort, affordability, and mere 20-minute proximity to Hard Rock Stadium.

Located on Sunny Isles Beach, Marco Polo is the perfect relaxing escape. Offering crystal clear waters, direct beach access, spectacular balcony views overseeing the ocean, city or both, heated pool and kids pool, plunge bar and grill conveniently located at the our pool deck and more.

Don’t wait until the last minute and enjoy a good ocean view, an excellent tennis match and unbeatable prices while staying with us!