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Sunny Isles Beach, known for its glistening waters and sprawling sandy beaches, offers a unique midweek treasure that’s been capturing the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. Nestled between the vibrant cityscape and the tranquil ocean, Gateway Market promises an experience worth jotting down in your travel diary.

As hotel guests at the  Ramada Plaza Marco Polo Beach Resort, you’re always on the lookout for enriching experiences that encapsulate the local vibe. Gateway Market on Wednesdays does not just offer things to do — it’s a weekly cultural festivity that showcases the spirit of Miami’s seaside charm. Let’s dive into what makes this event a must-visit during your stay!

A Bustling Bazaar by the Beach

Savour the Flavours and Aromatic Pleasures

Starting your adventure at 5:30 PM, the Gateway Market spans until the stars start twinkling at 10 PM. Here, taste buds come alive with an array of gourmet food trucks and stalls serving culinary delights that range from international dishes to classic American treats. Mouthwatering bites await your palate, whether you’re craving savory tacos, sweet artisanal desserts, or gluten-free gastronomic surprises.

Quench and Unwind

After appeasing your hunger, why not quench your thirst under Sunny Isles Beach’s sunset? Explore a world of beverages from freshly squeezed lemonades to exotic mocktails, perfect for sipping as you explore the rest of what the market has to offer.

Artisanal Treasures and Handcrafted Wonders

Gateway Market is a magnet for admiring and purchasing handcrafted goods. As you meander through the well-curated aisles, meet local artisans passionate about their crafts. From jewelry to home décor, every item you come across tells a story of creativity and dedication. These treasures not only serve as perfect souvenirs from your travels but also as unique gifts for friends and family.

Ocean Breeze and Cityscape Harmony

The location of the market itself is a spectacle to behold. Positioned conveniently in the heart of Sunny Isles, it allows you to be swayed by the ocean breeze while admiring the towering cityscape. It’s an affair that combines the serene and the upbeat, a characteristic essence of Miami.

Parking at Gateway Market  for a Seamless Experience

Worried about parking? Gateway Park garage comes to the rescue with ample space. Better yet, if you wish to immerse fully in the local scene, jump on the SIB shuttle that’s right in front of the hotel, which smoothly cruises to Stop 36, right where the market pulses.

A mere 10-minute walk from the Ramada Plaza Marco Polo Beach Resort, it’s an effortless addition to create the perfect family evening out.

A Platform for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Are you a creator looking to showcase your work? Become a vendor at Gateway Market! It’s a vibrant platform that allows you to engage with the community and share your passion.

Wrap Up and Call to Action

An enchantment awaits every Wednesday at the Gateway Market in Sunny Isles Beach. From Sunny Isles Beach Events to Things to Do with Kids in Miami, you’re guaranteed experiences that resonate well beyond your stay. Delight in the Handmade Crafts Market, support Local Artisans, and soak in activities that make Sunny Isles Beach Activities unparalleled.

Embark on this weekly Wednesday adventure and rediscover the joys of exploration. Whether you’re a guest at the Ramada Marco Polo Beach Resort Sunny Isles or visiting from afar, it’s an invitation to create memories that are as warm as the beach sun.

Plan your Wednesday adventure at Gateway Market today. Embrace the uniqueness of Sunny Isles Beach, be enriched by the community atmosphere, and make your stay in Miami truly unforgettable.

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Wednesdays just got brighter at Sunny Isles Beach, FL! 🌞✨ Step into the vibrant #GatewayMarket from 5:30 PM to 10 PM. Indulge in mouthwatering bites, sip on cool beverages, and stroll through amazing handmade treasures. 🔥 Get swept away by the seaside vibes and cityscape charm while supporting local artisans and creators!

Don’t miss out on this magnificent afternoon affair. Park conveniently at the Gateway Park garage or hop on the SIB shuttle to Stop 36. 🚌

Psst… Just a 10-minute jaunt from our hotel, it’s the perfect family evening plan! 🌆🎉


Keen to be a vendor at this buzzing bazaar? Click below and join the community! 


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Don’t miss out this opportunity and hop on this weekly Wednesday adventure that City of Sunny Isles brings to you. 


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