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Miami’s iconic aesthetic is characterized by a sun-washed pastel color palette, which has had a significant influence on fashion and trends. The city’s Art Deco architecture and modernist buildings serve as the perfect backdrop for the stylish locals to flaunt their fashion sense along the beachfront boulevards and in the streetside eateries.

Moreover, the thriving Latino community has not only shaped the area’s culture but also its language. It’s common to hear Spanish spoken on the streets, beaches, and bars. Additionally, the city boasts a diverse culinary scene, infused with the flavors of the Cuban families that have made Miami their home.

South Beach

1 Hotel South Beach – This high-end hotel combines flawless design with luxurious comfort. Its rooms showcase sleek furniture, a focus on minimalism and simplicity, and a chic neutral color scheme. Guests can unwind in style at the on-site wellness center and spa, take a dip in any of the four pools, enjoy a meal at one of the six restaurants, or simply relax in their well-appointed rooms. Additionally, the hotel’s location offers easy access to Miami Beach Botanical Garden, which is just a short walk away.

Mid Beach

Fontainebleau Miami Beach – Built in the 1950s, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach is the quintessential Miami hotel that exudes iconic charm. Its cool, blocky, white-washed style of architecture represents a landmark of Miami’s famous building designs. The hotel is housed in a grand, curving arc-shaped tower that offers breathtaking views, and boasts numerous outdoor pools that guests can enjoy.

North Beach

Oceanside Hotel and Suites – The Oceanside Hotel and Suites is located in a classic Miami-style building, which exudes a cool and timeless vibe. The hotel’s rooms have been recently refurbished, and now feature a sleek and modern design. The outdoor pool is surrounded by lush tropical greenery and sun loungers, creating an oasis of relaxation. Additionally, the hotel’s 24-hour restaurant and bar, The Tavern, offers a daily happy hour where complimentary drinks are served.