Are you looking for different places to eat in Miami or Eat like Bourdain in Miami? See the list of the 7 places visited by Anthony Bourdain that you should try.

1 Pepitos Plaza

Address: 10701 NW 58th Street

Bourdain ate: beef patty with ham, egg, six varieties of sauce, crispy potatoes, and cheese.

2 B&M Market

Address: 219 NE 79th Street

Bourdain ate: jerk chicken, curry goat, roti, cow-foot soup.

3 MLK Restaurant

Address: 2469 NW 62nd Street

Bourdain ate: fish and grits.

4 Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Address: 1600 Lenox Avenue

Bourdain ate: deviled eggs; fried green tomatoes with pork belly; chocolate chip pancakes with bourbon maple syrup, banana compote, and peanut butter; fried chicken with chilled watermelon; cheddar-cheese waffles; and shrimp and grits.

5 Captain Jim’s Seafood Market & Restaurant

Address: 12950 W. Dixie Highway

Bourdain ate: stone crab claws.

6 Mac’s Club Deuce

Address: 222 14th Street

Bourdain drank: Beer.

7 Islas Canarias Cafe Restaurant & Bakery – Eat like Bourdain in Miami

Address: 3804 SW 137th Avenue

Bourdain ate: pastries and a mediannoche sandwich (roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard).

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